Cinque Terre Sunset Boat Tour

2 and a half hour guided tour under the thousand shades of the sunset, entirely admiring the beautiful bay of the Cinque Terre, the exclusive view of the Via dell’Amore and all the villages from the sea, taking a brief stop in Monterosso.

What awaits you? A thousand shades of sunset, music, and lots of relaxation…

Tour information



  • Departure from Manarola
  • View of the entire Cinque Terre bay from the sea
  • View of the five villages from the sea
  • 30-minute stop in Monterosso
  • View of the Via Dell’Amore from the sea
  • Arrival in Manarola

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    Duration: approximately 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    Free drinks on board

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    ".. We did the sunset tour. Beautiful. The skipper is a guy named Daniele from Manarola. He explained the history of the Cinque Terre in a really professional and entertaining way, with lots of interesting facts. A tour definitely worth doing to appreciate the wonders at sunset. Free drinks for everyone!!"

    ".. Great job, Daniele! You made our two and a half hours unforgettable. The passion and enthusiasm you put into describing the fantastic Cinque Terre are unique and rare... I recommend anyone wanting to experience this to bring a camera to capture the dolphins, the amazing sunset, and finally the coastline passage on the Via dell'Amore where Daniele will give you a truly unique moment dedicated to all lovers. Believe me, this tour will leave you breathless.
    "Between Sky and Sea..."

    "An exciting boat trip, Daniele is an excellent guide, passionate about his land, and he explains all the history of the Cinque Terre. We did the sunset tour, something truly spectacular that will leave you breathless."